Goshen Indiana
Goshen Indiana 

About Us

        We as the Yoder family have moved into the Goshen Indiana area in the beginning of 2009 and have now decided to venture out with a new business known as {Yoders Produce Farm} from east side Goshen.

        We as a family have studied and dreamt of raising HYDROPONIC PRODUCE for many years. wanting to bring a better, fresher and tastier LETTUCE to the local consumer ; GROCERY STORE, HEALTH FOOD STORES, COLLEGES, HOSPITALS, ECT. Our lettuce will be harvested one day and delivered to you on the next day. NOW THAT'S A FRESH SALAD!!!!

        Now we can say our DREAMS have come true. we are now offering a GREAT lettuce from our family owned and run operation ALL YEAR LONG EVERY WEEK!!!! .We also have plans to expand as our cliental grows and as they need more lettuce.

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